Moon Forecasts

The Worm Moon: Full Moon of March

March 12th marks the full moon for the month. It is known as the Worm Moon because at this time, the earth softens and the worms reappear, signaling the return of the robins, a symbol of spring. Falling near the Spring Equinox, it is a time of rebirth and renewal. As the full moon signifies completion, this… Continue reading The Worm Moon: Full Moon of March

Zodiac Signs

Libra – The Scales

From September 24th until October 22nd, the sun falls into the 7th zodiac sign of Libra. Libra's symbol is the scales. Libras strive for balance in their lives. Like the 'Scales of Justice', this sign is objective, diplomatic, and always tries to do what's fair and best for everyone. They cannot stand conflict, so they much… Continue reading Libra – The Scales