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The BIGGEST Plastic Swaps to Help the Planet

Plastic waste has gotten out of control. You might have heard of the self-made plastic island that is floating around the ocean. That island, called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is now 3x the size of France. 90% of this is plastic, and because of this, the island is continuing to grow. The biggest contributor… Continue reading The BIGGEST Plastic Swaps to Help the Planet

Plant-Based Eating

The Benefits of Seasonal Eating

'Tis the season for seasonal eating. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, most of us are geared up towards eating foods that are harvested at this time of  year. Butternut squash soup, pumpkin pie, and sweet potato casseroles are common items on many of our holiday menus, connecting us to the autumn months. But seasonal… Continue reading The Benefits of Seasonal Eating