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The Wolf Moon: Full Moon of January 2018

Find out the meaning behind January's Full Moon!

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New Moon of December 2017

Another month, another new moon. With each new moon, we are asked to begin something fresh, something new. We move forward. It is another start of the cycle. This moon falls in Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter, the sign of Sagittarius reflects growth, expansion, and exploration. Ask yourself, what is it we are seeking to grow?… Continue reading New Moon of December 2017


Crystal Pairing: Crystals for Thanksgiving

The holidays aren't always filled with warmth and joy. A lot of people embrace the holidays with stress and aggravation due to personal family matters and facing old emotional scars of their pasts. We all don't have picture-perfect families. We may hold bitterness, resentment, or anger against a family member, and cannot forgive and heal… Continue reading Crystal Pairing: Crystals for Thanksgiving


Crystal Pairing – Stones to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

The road of self-awakening and consciousness is filled with its own terminology. Chakras, shamanism, etc. It's enough new information to have one's own esoteric dictionary. One term that comes up quite a bit for everyone on their spiritual paths is learning about their spirit guides. Spirit Guides are assigned to you at birth. They are… Continue reading Crystal Pairing – Stones to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

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Crystal Pairings – Stones of Honey Lune Hivery

In my blog, I talk often about this EcoSpiritual lifestyle and the symbolism of Honey Lune Hivery. For those stumbling upon this site for the first time, Honey Lune Hivery promotes a lifestyle that is environmentally conscious and spiritually connected. These concepts are interwoven through my life, which is especially seen through my love of… Continue reading Crystal Pairings – Stones of Honey Lune Hivery

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Honey Lune Hivery – An EcoSpiritual Shop

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. I certainly am. It's not even one, and already I have been a busy bee with making myself a delicious vegan breakfast and lunch, going for a run outdoors, taking some photos of nature, and crafting away. Currently I am working on some cute felted ornaments… Continue reading Honey Lune Hivery – An EcoSpiritual Shop