Crystal Pairing – Stones to get you through the Solar Eclipse

I've been talking to many of my metaphysical friends lately, and a theme that has come up is the recent Solar Eclipse that took place on February 26th. In Astrology, solar eclipses are ┬átransitional phases where we shed a old pattern/belief/person/lifestyle so that we can move forward towards enlightenment. Solar Eclipses are also tied to … Continue reading Crystal Pairing – Stones to get you through the Solar Eclipse

The Black Moon -A Halloween New Moon

On October 30th, we will be very fortunate to encounter the moon entering its beginning phase. New moons are typically a time associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and rebirth. With the moon casting no illumination, it symbolizes a time to look inward and reflect on ourselves, gaining self-awareness and assessing what our goals and … Continue reading The Black Moon -A Halloween New Moon

New Moon in Aries

Thursday April 7th marks the new moon for the month of April. New moons are a time of new beginnings and endeavors. This new moon also is a super moon. Super moons are when the moon is closer to our earth. This heightens the energy of the moon, having greater effect on our lives and … Continue reading New Moon in Aries

Solar Eclipse & New Moon – A Balance in the Sky

This March 8th marks quite a few important events, two of them being astrological. The new moon happens tonight, and if you are living in Southeast Asian or Australia, you just may catch the solar eclipse! New moons signify beginnings. It is the start of a new lunar cycle. This month's new moon falls in … Continue reading Solar Eclipse & New Moon – A Balance in the Sky

November New Moon-Scorpio

Aside from connecting strongly to the bee, which I have talked about quite a bit, I also resonate deeply with the moon. Lune after all is the french word for moon. Symbolizing female energy, the moon has been linked to our emotions, behaviors, and intuitions. The phases of the moon also hold representations. November 11th … Continue reading November New Moon-Scorpio