The Pink Moon – Full Moon of April

Tomorrow evening, April 11th, is the full moon for the month of April. Known as the Pink Moon, it gets its name from the pink flowers that bloom at this time. As spring begins to emerge, we too can look at the new and blossoming events that are taking place in our lives at this time. … Continue reading The Pink Moon – Full Moon of April

Crystal Pairing: Stones for The Year of the Rooster

January 28th marks the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year falls on the first new moon of the year, and follows the Lunar calendar. Each year, we transition into one of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. In addition to the animal, one of the five Feng Shui elements is present (either earth, metal, fire, … Continue reading Crystal Pairing: Stones for The Year of the Rooster

Crystal Pairing: Stones for 2017

Today is New Year's Eve and officially the last day of 2016. Reflecting back on this year, it sure has been an eventful one. Mistreated Syrian refuges, ISIS bombings, and the US election, there has been a lot of pain and negativity surrounding our planet this year, and I am sure a lot of us are … Continue reading Crystal Pairing: Stones for 2017

Crystal Pairing: Crystals for Thanksgiving

The holidays aren't always filled with warmth and joy. A lot of people embrace the holidays with stress and aggravation due to personal family matters and facing old emotional scars of their pasts. We all don't have picture-perfect families. We may hold bitterness, resentment, or anger against a family member, and cannot forgive and heal … Continue reading Crystal Pairing: Crystals for Thanksgiving

Libra – The Scales

From September 24th until October 22nd, the sun falls into the 7th zodiac sign of Libra. Libra's symbol is the scales. Libras strive for balance in their lives. Like the 'Scales of Justice', this sign is objective, diplomatic, and always tries to do what's fair and best for everyone. They cannot stand conflict, so they much … Continue reading Libra – The Scales

Cancer – The Crab

Cancer is the forth sign of the zodiac. It is from June 22nd till July 21st. It is the sign of the crab. Like a crab, Cancers are known to be a little moody. Like the crab, they can overreact and sting you, or retreat in their shell. You never really know with a Cancer. … Continue reading Cancer – The Crab

Crystal Pairing – Stones of Spiritual Evolution

Every time I work at the crystal shop there are more new faces among the people that come in. It seems that more and more people are beginning to raise their vibrations and become conscious. Though there is a lot of hurt and pain on this planet, corruption, destruction of mother earth, violence, etc, it … Continue reading Crystal Pairing – Stones of Spiritual Evolution