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The Wolf Moon: Full Moon of January 2018

Find out the meaning behind January's Full Moon!

Moon Forecasts

The Harvest Moon – Full Moon of October

The Full Moon of October falls on Thursday the 5th this year. This year, the full moon of October will be the "Harvest Moon". The Harvest Moon is the full moon that is closest to the Autumn Equinox. Harvests are a symbolic time of productivity and reaping the benefits of our labor. It is through… Continue reading The Harvest Moon – Full Moon of October

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Crystal Pairing – Stones to get you through the Solar Eclipse

I've been talking to many of my metaphysical friends lately, and a theme that has come up is the recent Solar Eclipse that took place on February 26th. In Astrology, solar eclipses are  transitional phases where we shed a old pattern/belief/person/lifestyle so that we can move forward towards enlightenment. Solar Eclipses are also tied to… Continue reading Crystal Pairing – Stones to get you through the Solar Eclipse


Seven Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

February 1st (or 2nd according to some) is the pagan festival of Imbolc. Imbolc was practiced by the druids and was the festival of lactating sheep. It is derived from the Gaelic word, "oimelc", which means "ewe's milk". Ewes would give birth to their lambs, nursing them at this time. With the darkest days of winter… Continue reading Seven Ways to Celebrate Imbolc


Five Ways to Celebrate Yule

  Mid-December. For us, i's the holiday season, but for nature, it's the winter solstice. The winter solstice falls around the 21st - 23rd of December. This is where the night is at its longest, and the day is at its shortest. For pagans, the Winter Solstice was to honor the return of the sun. The worst was behind them, and… Continue reading Five Ways to Celebrate Yule

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Five Mystical Crystals to Celebrate Samhain

Samhain is a pagan festival that falls on the eve of October 31st and lasts to November 1st. Overshadowed by the modern day 'Halloween', Samhain is a tradition that predates Christianity, with roots going back to Celtic ancestry. Like many pagan festivals, it connects to the energies of the natural world. If you are sensitive… Continue reading Five Mystical Crystals to Celebrate Samhain