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Full Moon of March 2018

March 31st marks the full moon. Wait, didn’t we already have a full moon in March? That’s right! This will be March’s second full moon (also known as a Blue Moon). And just because these two full moons are in the same month doesn’t mean the energies of this second full moon are comparable to… Continue reading Full Moon of March 2018

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The Corn Moon – Full Moon of September 2017

The Full Moon of September falls on Wednesday the 6th this year. Known as the Corn Moon, it gets its name due to the crop that is harvested at this time. Harvests are a symbolic time of productivity and reaping the benefits of our labor. It is through our hard work and perseverance that we… Continue reading The Corn Moon – Full Moon of September 2017

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The Hunter’s Moon: Full Moon of October

The moon has strong impact on our emotions and behaviors. Astrologists knew this, and connected the moon to these characteristics. The phases of the moon cycle also have influence, and different phases represent different experiences within ourselves. The full moon is the time in the moon cycle where we are most sociable, tending to enjoy… Continue reading The Hunter’s Moon: Full Moon of October