Sustainable Designs

The Beauty of Built-Ins

Aside from the common misconception of Interior Design being all about picking out paint colors and fabrics, designers focus on a lot of problem solving, which utilized both creative and analytic abilities. One of the challenges of Interior Design is finding a balance between beauty and practicality when it comes to storage. So how do designers approach this… Continue reading The Beauty of Built-Ins

Plant Based Eating

40 Vegan Recipes for Fall

It's October! The season of fall has taken over, and I more notice it with the changing cooler temperatures than the changing colors of the trees. Brrrr! Time for warming meals, especially with the dreary weather that entails a Seattle autumn (or so I am told, as I will soon find out for myself). My boyfriend… Continue reading 40 Vegan Recipes for Fall

Buzzing Thoughts

Welcome to the Hive

Hello everyone and welcome to Honey Lune Hivery, a space dedicated to a holistic and simplistic natural lifestyle derived from bees. These tiny creatures, often misjudged, hold great meaning and importance to the world. In Ancient Egypt, the bee was a symbol of rebirth and honored the sun god, Ra. When the bee came into… Continue reading Welcome to the Hive