The Beauty of Built-Ins

Aside from the common misconception of Interior Design being all about picking out paint colors and fabrics, designers focus on a lot of problem solving, which utilized both creative and analytic abilities. One of the challenges of Interior Design is finding a balance between beauty and practicality when it comes to storage. So how do designers approach this … Continue reading The Beauty of Built-Ins

How to Feng Shui your Studio Apartment

Let's face it, not all of us can afford a one or two bedroom apartment as soon as we graduate college and move away from home. In booming cities, the demand of a good location alone can mean having a studio apartment as your only option. Studio apartments are not only growing in popularity because … Continue reading How to Feng Shui your Studio Apartment

Feng Shui Your Kitchen

If you've been to any social gathering, then you know that it often will encompass food. From major events to Thanksgiving, to smaller occasions such as barbecues, we cook up and prepare meals in our kitchens to share with our friends and family. Our kitchens are a great source of vital life energy for our … Continue reading Feng Shui Your Kitchen

Ten Actually Cute DIY Decor Projects

Being an artist as well as an environmentalist, I am all for DIY projects. It is a great way to bring new life to an object instead of throwing it out. Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, DIY crafts are easier to find than ever. Some of these crafts however look a tad cheap. … Continue reading Ten Actually Cute DIY Decor Projects

Six Design Tricks for Tiny Living

One of my future goals is to live in a tiny house. I often get a chuckle when I think of this dream. Most people aspire to have big mansions, lots of 'feature rooms' like a movie theater and workout room, etc. I am going the opposite route with wanting to live in 144 square feet of … Continue reading Six Design Tricks for Tiny Living

Six Simple Feng Shui Tips for a Peaceful Bedroom

Sleep is important. It is a cornerstone of a healthy self. The importance of a good night's rest has been linked to  boosting your mood, improving memory, and an overall improvement in preformance. In order to achieve that R&R, people have resorted to all kinds of alternative methods, from sleepy time teas to yin yoga before … Continue reading Six Simple Feng Shui Tips for a Peaceful Bedroom

The Four Celestial Animals of Feng Shui

The Four Celestial Animals are a cornerstone to Feng Shui. They are mythical creatures that contain specific energies that relate to the features of our space. Each animal is associated with a direction and an element. It is through these animals that we build a better understanding about the natural energy of our space. Red Phoenix The Phoenix is … Continue reading The Four Celestial Animals of Feng Shui