Six Simple Tricks to a Healthy Home

In today's society, we are embracing a culture that is focused more and more on healthy living. This is primarily seen in the increase of health food options and rise in activities such as yoga and crossfit. Juice bars and yoga studios are exploding in popularity, and even the media is taking part, campaigning slogans such … Continue reading Six Simple Tricks to a Healthy Home

40 Vegan Recipes for Fall

It's October! The season of fall has taken over, and I more notice it with the changing cooler temperatures than the changing colors of the trees. Brrrr! Time for warming meals, especially with the dreary weather that entails a Seattle autumn (or so I am told, as I will soon find out for myself). My boyfriend … Continue reading 40 Vegan Recipes for Fall

Eco Your Closet- Four Ways to Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

I love watching documentaries. Growing up in the age of technology and videos, documentaries are a fun way for me to learn and become more aware of the issues in our world. A few nights ago, I watched a documentary called "The True Cost". It is a film that explores the fashion industry and the … Continue reading Eco Your Closet- Four Ways to Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

Creating an Eco Kitchen

From a natural perspective, our food is our medicine. It is gives us energy and keeps us healthy, providing our bodies with essential nutrients we need to survive. For one who is seeking a healthy lifestyle, a kitchen should reflect just that. It is where we store, prepare, and cook our food.  Our kitchens should be … Continue reading Creating an Eco Kitchen

Eco ways to Improve your Air Quality

Let's talk air pollution. Air pollution is a key factor of environmental damage, creating holes in our ozone layer and attributing to the green house effect. It also plays a huge role in our personal health, whether it be asthma and other respiratory issues, or from air-borne carcinogens that can lead to various types of … Continue reading Eco ways to Improve your Air Quality