Moon Forecasts

Full Moon of April 2018

Greetings witches and mystics. It's that time again... another full moon! This full moon falls on Sunday, April 29th. Known by Native tribes as the "Pink Moon", it gets its name due to the wild ground phlox, a pink flower that blooms during the month of April.¬†Spiritually, the Pink Moon signifies rebirth and renewal. New… Continue reading Full Moon of April 2018

Moon Forecasts

The Pink Moon – Full Moon of April

Tomorrow evening, April 11th, is the full moon for the month of April. Known as the Pink Moon, it gets its name from the pink flowers that bloom at this time. As spring begins to emerge, we too can look at the new and blossoming events that are taking place in our lives¬†at this time.… Continue reading The Pink Moon – Full Moon of April