30 Second Banana Face Cleanser

One of the ideas behind living a natural lifestyle is freeing your home from all chemicals and toxins. These are hidden everywhere in our homes, entering our bodies through the air we breath, or through our skin. Our skin is our largest organ. It has tiny pores which allow passage in and out of our bodies. A … Continue reading 30 Second Banana Face Cleanser

Lavender Salt Foot Scrub with Coconut Moistuizer

I am always on my feet. Every day, I am walking, running, and just moving around. Heck, I even go barefoot! So you would think as much as I am up and active, I would be taking good care of my footies. Wrong. Sad to say, my toes have seen better days, and are in … Continue reading Lavender Salt Foot Scrub with Coconut Moistuizer

Soothing Banana Oatmeal Mask

I've noticed that ever since leaving my job in the city and working in the suburbs, my skin has gotten remarkable clearer in complexion. Due to less exposure of city pollution, and increased time spend outdoors, my skin has appeared smoother and brighter. When I used to commute to the city, I was making a … Continue reading Soothing Banana Oatmeal Mask

Honey Lemon Coconut Bath Lotion

I love putting food on my body! Okay, that was a weird way to start this post, but it is true! It's so fun to search my pantry of ingredients I can use on my skin. My skin was feeling a little dry and dirty today. Whenever my skin is in need of some hydration, … Continue reading Honey Lemon Coconut Bath Lotion

Honey Almond Oatmeal Face Mask

Did you know that your skin absorbs nutrients? Whatever beauty applications we put on, they slowly get absorbed into our bodies. Pretty neat huh? Skin and beauty treatments are another way can ensure we are supplying our bodies with healthy options. Just as people choose to eat organic, shying away from chemicals found in processed foods … Continue reading Honey Almond Oatmeal Face Mask

Lemon Honey & Nutmeg Exfoliant

Another city day, another poor day for my skin. I could just feel the dirt and pollution from the urban jungle clogging my pores from today, and I really needed something additional to my nightly routine. So I whipped together this Lemon Honey Nutmeg Exfoliant. It gets deep down into my pores, removing dead skin … Continue reading Lemon Honey & Nutmeg Exfoliant

Banana Bread Face Mask

It sounds more like it should be in your tummy than on your face right? Today I was downtown in the city. During the evening I noticed my face feeling grimy and gross from the long day. Not to mention that city air isn't the best for our skin. I always do a coconut moisturizer before bed, … Continue reading Banana Bread Face Mask