Crystal Pairing – The Power of Reflection

Have you ever wondered where stones and crystals get some of┬átheir properties? Why is emerald a stone of love? How is carnelian good for creativity? The special properties of a stone or crystal are often times due to its appearance. Many colored stones correlate to the chakra colors, as do their properties. Other stones form … Continue reading Crystal Pairing – The Power of Reflection

Crystal Pairing: Stones for 2017

Today is New Year's Eve and officially the last day of 2016. Reflecting back on this year, it sure has been an eventful one. Mistreated┬áSyrian refuges, ISIS bombings, and the US election, there has been a lot of pain and negativity surrounding our planet this year, and I am sure a lot of us are … Continue reading Crystal Pairing: Stones for 2017

Crystal Pairing: Crystals for Thanksgiving

The holidays aren't always filled with warmth and joy. A lot of people embrace the holidays with stress and aggravation due to personal family matters and facing old emotional scars of their pasts. We all don't have picture-perfect families. We may hold bitterness, resentment, or anger against a family member, and cannot forgive and heal … Continue reading Crystal Pairing: Crystals for Thanksgiving

Crystal Pairing – Stones for Multidimensional Communcations

Our Third Eye is a very powerful tool that many of us do not know how to access. This chakra node is associated with our pineal gland, which is located between our brow line. Once activated, we can sense and receive energies from higher vibrations. Throughout ancient history, many cultures have given a special name … Continue reading Crystal Pairing – Stones for Multidimensional Communcations