Kitchen Witch – Seven Foods for Celebrating Samhain

Samhain is probably the biggest holiday for Wiccans and Pagans alike. Celebrated on October 31st, it is an ancient festival that gave origin to what we know today as 'Halloween'. Samhain is a Celtic Festival. Known as "Summer's End", it marks the end of summer and the harvest season. It is the half way point… Continue reading Kitchen Witch – Seven Foods for Celebrating Samhain

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Imbolc Crystals for Every Pagan

Happy Imbolc everyone!!! I hope all you witches and mystics are celebrating the holiday in your own magical way. I myself am going to have a magical night of mediation, divination, and a little spell ūüėČ If you don't know how to celebrate, head over to my article, Seven Ways to Celebrate Imbolc, for some… Continue reading Imbolc Crystals for Every Pagan


Seven Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

February 1st (or 2nd according to some) is the pagan festival of Imbolc. Imbolc was practiced by the druids and was the festival of lactating sheep. It is derived from the Gaelic word, "oimelc", which means "ewe's milk".¬†Ewes would give birth to their lambs, nursing them at this time. With the darkest days of winter… Continue reading Seven Ways to Celebrate Imbolc


Five Imbolc Herbs that are in your Pantry

  For many centuries, herbalism has been associated with paganism and 'the craft'. Just as crystals are associated with types of energy and have their own specific properties, plants and herbs¬†have their own attributes as well. Considering back then, they were easier to obtain than gemstones, plants and herbs were commonly used during the numerous… Continue reading Five Imbolc Herbs that are in your Pantry


Five Ways to Celebrate Yule

  Mid-December. For us, i's the holiday season, but for¬†nature, it's the winter solstice.¬†The winter solstice falls around the 21st - 23rd of December.¬†This is where the night is at its longest, and the day is at its shortest.¬†For pagans, the Winter Solstice¬†was to honor¬†the return of the sun. The worst was behind them, and… Continue reading Five Ways to Celebrate Yule

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The Black Moon -A Halloween New Moon

On October 30th, we will be very fortunate to encounter the moon entering its beginning phase. New moons are typically a time associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and rebirth. With the moon casting no illumination, it symbolizes a time to look inward and reflect on ourselves, gaining self-awareness and assessing what our goals and… Continue reading The Black Moon -A Halloween New Moon