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Basic Crystals for a Beginner Witch

Next Thursday is Samhain (aka Halloween for you mortals), and you bet that I'm stoked for my favorite holiday! The whole month of October I've been diving more into my witchy side. I've been practicing witchcraft for over five years now as apart of my spirituality. While witchcraft is an old-world magick, it has recently… Continue reading Basic Crystals for a Beginner Witch


Crystals Pairing | Connecting with the Fae

Faeries are magickal creatures of many folklore. They are often depicted as small beings with human like features who are invisible and possess great supernatural and mystical powers. They live in the forests, swamps, and other natural area, keeping to themselves and typically not interacting with humans. Fairies can be benevolent or malevolent, having mischievous… Continue reading Crystals Pairing | Connecting with the Fae


Crystal Pairing | Stones for Traveling

So little known fact about me....I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. Despite my bohemian spirit of wanderlust and adventure, I have horrible anxiety when it comes to traveling. I never flew anywhere as a child, so planes freaked me out for the longest time. I get overstressed with planning trips, but also not having… Continue reading Crystal Pairing | Stones for Traveling