How to Design Modern Chic

Spring is here and for many home owners (or interior lovers) that means updating their spaces. This could be as major as a renovation or as minor as swapping out some pillows and accessories for the new spring trends. One of the spring trends that has been a hit with millennial is Modern Chic. This … Continue reading How to Design Modern Chic

Six Ways to Make Your Apartment Your Own

If you're single, young, or just love living in the city, chances are you rent an apartment. Growing up, I had fantasies of moving to a hip apartment in the city:  lofted, brick walls, hardwood floors, and subway tile. I'm sure many people had this same fantasy. TV shows and movies glamorize this idea of what … Continue reading Six Ways to Make Your Apartment Your Own

The Beauty of Built-Ins

Aside from the common misconception of Interior Design being all about picking out paint colors and fabrics, designers focus on a lot of problem solving, which utilized both creative and analytic abilities. One of the challenges of Interior Design is finding a balance between beauty and practicality when it comes to storage. So how do designers approach this … Continue reading The Beauty of Built-Ins

The Room by Room Guide to Decorating your Studio Apartment on a Budget

Your first apartment...freedom, confidence, excitement....lack of space. Most likely, if you're an urban millennial and moving into your first apartment, a studio apartment is all you can afford. You may bypass the minimal square footage at first, because the excitement of living on your own, in a big city no less, overshadows this issue. After the … Continue reading The Room by Room Guide to Decorating your Studio Apartment on a Budget

Maximizing Your Tiny Kitchen

Hello blogging world! So sorry I've been away for so long, but I promise it's a good excuse.... My boyfriend and I recently moved across the country, leaving our quaint and cozy hometown of St. Charles, Illinois to live life on the west coast in Seattle, Washington! It's a BIG change, and we've been busy … Continue reading Maximizing Your Tiny Kitchen

Six Design Tricks for Tiny Living

One of my future goals is to live in a tiny house. I often get a chuckle when I think of this dream. Most people aspire to have big mansions, lots of 'feature rooms' like a movie theater and workout room, etc. I am going the opposite route with wanting to live in 144 square feet of … Continue reading Six Design Tricks for Tiny Living

Eight Ways to Eco Your Walls

It seems that nowadays, there are more and more ways to be environmental without even having to try. Green products have been appearing in stores everywhere, including home improvement ones. Having a more environmentally conscious home is not only a good step for the planet, but your overall health as well. Chemicals found in many home … Continue reading Eight Ways to Eco Your Walls