Plant-Based Eating

Quick & Easy Vegan Shakshouka

Tofu eggs are my go-to breakfast item. They're quick, cheap, and offer a good amount of protein. Perfect for starting the day off! Typically I'm pretty easy with my tofu eggs, making a basic scramble paired with potatoes and ketchup (diner dish for sure). But occasionally, I'll get creative with my morning tofu egg creations.… Continue reading Quick & Easy Vegan Shakshouka

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Sustainable Smudging

Today is Earth Day!.....(Officially). While in my hippie heart, every day should be a celebration of this beautiful blue and green planet that harvests life, today is a day where the world's consciousness is reminded of Mother Earth and the focus of protection, preservation, and restoration. As I incorporate a spiritual aspect of nature worship,… Continue reading Sustainable Smudging


6 Holistic Health Tips for Traveling

I love traveling. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved everything traveling represented. I loved learning about different cultures from my own, giving me a new perspective on life, and I loved exploring the new areas, both of nature and the small towns that were rooted in history. I loved trying new foods,… Continue reading 6 Holistic Health Tips for Traveling

Plant-Based Eating

Vegan Brunches for your Lazy Sunday

Ahhh the weekends...composed of staying up, sleeping in, and brunching. Even though the concept of brunch (breakfast-lunch for those foreign to this terminology) is not a new, it seems like millennials have given brunches their own recognized spot amongst the meals, turning them into grand outings and stay-ins. And before any of you go and… Continue reading Vegan Brunches for your Lazy Sunday

Plant-Based Eating

Conk Coffee – A Medicinal Mushroom Blend

So fun fact about me, I'm a mycophile, otherwise known as a lover of mushrooms. Mushrooms and other fungi are incredible organisms that truly are magickal in so many ways. Aside from the common association with certain mushrooms containing psychedelic properties (which have been shown to help with depression and anxiety), mushrooms have so many… Continue reading Conk Coffee – A Medicinal Mushroom Blend

Plant-Based Eating

Cleaning Eating Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

I love seasonal eating! For me, eating seasonally is a great way to stay connected to the earth, eating produce traditionally harvested at that time of year. So as it is pumpkin season, I've stocked up on canned pumpkin. I also have a small patch worth of different types of squash. Shopping seasonally, I use Imperfect… Continue reading Cleaning Eating Pumpkin Mac & Cheese