How to Design Modern Chic

Spring is here and for many home owners (or interior lovers) that means updating their spaces. This could be as major as a renovation or as minor as swapping out some pillows and accessories for the new spring trends. One of the spring trends that has been a hit with millennial is Modern Chic. This … Continue reading How to Design Modern Chic

Six Ways to Make Your Apartment Your Own

If you're single, young, or just love living in the city, chances are you rent an apartment. Growing up, I had fantasies of moving to a hip apartment in the city:  lofted, brick walls, hardwood floors, and subway tile. I'm sure many people had this same fantasy. TV shows and movies glamorize this idea of what … Continue reading Six Ways to Make Your Apartment Your Own

The Beauty of Built-Ins

Aside from the common misconception of Interior Design being all about picking out paint colors and fabrics, designers focus on a lot of problem solving, which utilized both creative and analytic abilities. One of the challenges of Interior Design is finding a balance between beauty and practicality when it comes to storage. So how do designers approach this … Continue reading The Beauty of Built-Ins

Six Simple Tricks to a Healthy Home

In today's society, we are embracing a culture that is focused more and more on healthy living. This is primarily seen in the increase of health food options and rise in activities such as yoga and crossfit. Juice bars and yoga studios are exploding in popularity, and even the media is taking part, campaigning slogans such … Continue reading Six Simple Tricks to a Healthy Home

30 Second Banana Face Cleanser

One of the ideas behind living a natural lifestyle is freeing your home from all chemicals and toxins. These are hidden everywhere in our homes, entering our bodies through the air we breath, or through our skin. Our skin is our largest organ. It has tiny pores which allow passage in and out of our bodies. A … Continue reading 30 Second Banana Face Cleanser

Eight Design Tricks to Use When You Don’t Have a Headboard

One of the main tips to decorating a bedroom is that you should have a headboard. You may have passed without one in college, but if you want to have a dreamy bedroom, you HAVE to have a headboard. Why is this so important? It's just a headboard. The bed is the largest and most … Continue reading Eight Design Tricks to Use When You Don’t Have a Headboard

Five Ways Composting Can Improve Your Life

    One of the reasons that I love Seattle so much is the environmental pride that this city has. Grocery stores don't offer plastic bags, and instead encourage you to bring your own reusable ones. City parks aren't just patches of grass with benches, but natural oasis of giant sequoias and redwoods. It's an … Continue reading Five Ways Composting Can Improve Your Life