Crystals Pairing – Connecting with the Fae

  Faeries are magickal creatures of many folklore. They are often depicted as small beings with human like features who are invisible and possess great supernatural and mystical powers. They live in the forests, swamps, and other natural area, keeping to themselves and typically not interacting with humans. Fairies can be benevolent or malevolent, having… Continue reading Crystals Pairing – Connecting with the Fae

Interior Design

Your Essential Guide for Decorating your First Apartment on a Budget

Moving into your first apartment is one of the many steps in young adulthood. It's not just a bedroom you rent or a house you share with four other people, but your first apartment is your own special space. No roommates, no partners, just you and however many square feet your paycheck can afford. I'll… Continue reading Your Essential Guide for Decorating your First Apartment on a Budget

Plant-Based Eating

17 Black Bean Recipes to Try This Summer

Summer is here (unofficially) in Seattle and I can't get enough of this vibe! Fun-filled days of being outside (whether it's in a park, backyard, beach, or forest) is what I'm all about for the few months of sunshine this otherwise grey city gets. Another thing I love about summer is all the food! Refreshing… Continue reading 17 Black Bean Recipes to Try This Summer


Magickal Herbs for the Summer Solstice

The summer solstice for many pagans is known as either Litha or Midsummer. Falling between the 20-22nd of June, it marks the longest day of the year. At this time, the sun is at its strongest magick. Many traditions revolved around the sun and honoring this heightened fire energy. Bonfires, solar dances, and sun spells… Continue reading Magickal Herbs for the Summer Solstice

Plant-Based Eating

Quick & Easy Vegan Shakshouka

Tofu eggs are my go-to breakfast item. They're quick, cheap, and offer a good amount of protein. Perfect for starting the day off! Typically I'm pretty easy with my tofu eggs, making a basic scramble paired with potatoes and ketchup (diner dish for sure). But occasionally, I'll get creative with my morning tofu egg creations.… Continue reading Quick & Easy Vegan Shakshouka


Ten Misconceptions on the Modern Day Witch

I've been terming myself a witch for about five years now.  While I don't really go into the weeds of what I do, though am more than happy to chat about it when presented, I am finding that witchcraft still has a lot of misconceptions around it. I recently ran across this article that talked about… Continue reading Ten Misconceptions on the Modern Day Witch


Crystal Pairing : Stones for Traveling

So little known fact about me....I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. Despite my bohemian spirit of wanderlust and adventure, I have horrible anxiety when it comes to traveling. I never flew anywhere as a child, so planes freaked me out for the longest time. I get overstressed with planning trips, but also not having… Continue reading Crystal Pairing : Stones for Traveling

Natural Living · Pagan

Sustainable Smudging

Today is Earth Day!.....(Officially). While in my hippie heart, every day should be a celebration of this beautiful blue and green planet that harvests life, today is a day where the world's consciousness is reminded of Mother Earth and the focus of protection, preservation, and restoration. As I incorporate a spiritual aspect of nature worship,… Continue reading Sustainable Smudging