About the Bee

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My name is Marissa. Born and raised in a Chicago suburb, I now live in Seattle. My blog started due to my inspiration, the bee, and the EcoSpiritual connection I share with it.

The bee has been revered in many cultures throughout history. In Ancient Egypt, it was a symbol of creativity and rebirth. In Native American tribes, it was seen as a symbol of sweetness. Druids associated the bee with the sun, the Goddess, and community, while Celts saw it as a messenger of wisdom. The Greeks knew of its industry, planning, and prosperity, while the Romans associated it with joy and love.

Behind the many symbols that a bee has, I feel each encapsulate a part of who I am. Their literal and symbolic meanings are very important to me and encompass my passions of spirituality, the environment, and design.

The importance of nature and spirituality is not lost with this tiny creature. Just like the bee has diverse meanings in part of the world, my spiritual practice takes inspiration from the ancient ways of various cultures, and those that understood the spiritual connection nature has with us. Spiritual practices such as Shamanism, Druidism, Wicca, Daoism (Feng Shui), and Mystic Arts such as Crystals, Herbalism, and Astrology, are all ways in which nature and spirituality intertwine in my life.

Bees have a deep connection to the environment, acting as warriors in keeping nature thriving. They sustain life. From pollination, flowers are able to bud, and trees and plants are able to produce fruit. Without bees, we cannot survive. Being an Eco-warrior myself, I focus on a natural, plant-based lifestyle that reduces one’s carbon footprint and in return, strengthens our connection to the earth. Whole food eating, sustainable consumerism, and homesteading are just a few ways I advocate this environmental aspect of the bee.

Since the bee is a natural designer and architect, I also discuss ways to incorporate smart and sustainable design into your space. Having a background in Interior and Environmental Design, as well as being a certified Feng Shui Consultant, I understand the importance of a living space, one’s hive, and wish to educate others on achieving a harmonious space. I focus on a natural approach, which corresponds to the environmental responsibility I share for the planet.

Embracing all that this animal represents, I wish to introduce this way of living to others. It is a little piece of myself that I share to you. One bee to a hive.

If you are interested in adding EcoSpirituality into your life, be sure to subscribe to my blog! It is my passion project and I’m so delighted to share it with my community.



Aside from my blog, I am an artist. I bring forth EcoSpirituality into my watercolor painting which are a whimsical natural take on ancient metaphysical and spiritual symbols.  To see and purchase my EcoSpiritual creations, visit my Etsy, Honey Lune Hivery.

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