Plant-Based Eating

Updates and Announcements

Hello blogging world. It is I, (well who else would it be?) I have some announcements that I’d like to make, and yet I don’t know how to go about announcing them. So I figured a blog post would be the best way.

If you were with me from the beginning, and I thank you for that, you know that Honey Lune Hivery was my first ‘child’ into the creation of my brand. Back 2015, I started blogging and created the name, Honey Lune Hivery, to express myself and all of my passions that I wished to talk about: crystals, astrology, witchcraft, Feng Shui, Interior Design, and vegan food.

Since then, Honey Lune Hivery has expanded. I’ve created an Esty, where I started selling my EcoSpiritual watercolors, which then evolved into my other artistic and creative talents, such as digital art and ceramics.

I also just very recently started my own company, Honey Lune Hivery, where I blend my ecospiritual passions into my work as a Feng Shui and Interior Designer. I help clients in transforming their lives through their home. My holistic design approach blends many of the passions I began blogging about, and I find my work deeply fulfilling.

Entering the world of becoming a small business owner and full-time entrepreneur, I wear the many hats of marketing manager, business developer, social media manager, customer service, virtual assistant, etc. As the social media and marketing manager, I made the decision to start a blog associated with my business’s website, Honey Lune Hivery.

With this site being oriented around homes and design, I transferred many of my original articles and posts about Feng Shui and Interior Design to that blog. If you are still interested in these, you can find them there.

Aside from that, I had also been toying with the idea of getting my own domain for my blog. As I was serious yet not serious about blogging, I had kept my free site for years, afraid and uncertain to commit. Well I finally decided to take the plunge and I’ve launched my own domain. Keeping with my brand, An EcoSpiritual Life, is a Honey Lune Hivery site that encompasses my passions of witchcraft, homesteading, and natural living into this EcoSpiritual Lifestyle I have created for myself.

My business revolves around homes but my passion revolves around this lifestyle. Merging the two together while giving them their own special spaces on the web, I am evolving with my brand. Slowly, I will start to transmute this old blog, moving articles and letting go of this original platform.

If you would like to continue to support and follow me, I invite you to subscribe to both and

This isn’t the end but a new beginning.

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