Feng Shui

2020: Year of the Metal Rat


January 25th marks the Lunar New Year in China and many Chinese influenced countries. The New Year is not just symbolic of a fresh start, but each New Year brings in a new set of energies based on the Polarity (Yang/Yin), Element (off of the 5 Chinese Elements) and Animal (off of the Chinese Zodiac). This year, we enter the Year of the Yang Metal Rat.

The Rat is the 1st of the Chinese Zodiac. According to the myth, the Jade Emperor determined the order of animals based on a race, and the order in which the animals finished. The rat tricked the ox into giving him a ride across the river. As they came close to the shores, the rat jumped off the ox and rushed to the finish line, making it the first animal in the wheel.


Rats are considered to be very lucky, associated with wealth and surplus. They are the sign of independence, hard work, and success.

Combining the Rat’s energy with the element of Metal and Yang, 2020 offers the energy to put your goals/dreams into action. Metal is very focused, self-reliant, and driven. Paired with the active Yang chi, this year shows that hard work will pay off. This energy is especially great for entrepreneurs out there, as it offers assistance in executing your goals.

Since the Rat’s favorable/associated direction on the Bagua map is North, focus on this area for the year. North is associated with Career, as this energy is perfect to focus on how your goals/dreams align with your work. Since metal strengthens water, adding this element will help connect to this year’s zodiac energy. Perhaps a metal framed mirror to highlight the inner rat chi in yourself.

With these energies in mind, here is a crystal pairing I put together. May it assist you in aligning to this Chinese New Year:



Lodestone is an earthy stone that brings forth prosperity and abundance. It works to help manifest dreams into reality, and is useful in grids. A spiritually grounding stone, it works to sift through the clutter of one’s mind to help you focus on what it is you truly want, removing obstacles so you can succeed in your dreams. It connects to the Metal element in Feng Shui and this year’s chi.


In Feng Shui, Selenite connects to the metal element. This high vibrational energy assists you in connecting to your higher self, clearing the mind and regaining focus/concentration. It also contains a lot of water chi (which strengthens metal chi) due to its crystal makeup and connection to the moon.


Red is a lucky color in China, especially for the Chinese New Year! It is thought to bring good luck and fortune. Not only is carnelian a lovely rich red stone, but its energetic properties align with positive life choices, prosperity and good luck. It is a wonderful stone for money making ventures. It assists one to find motivation, turning dreams into reality with determination, ambition, and courage to overcome difficult situations.



Happy Year of the Yang Metal Rat!

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