A New Year’s Eve Witch’s Ritual

It’s New Year’s Eve, and while a witch’s New Year’s Eve is Samhain, there is a collective energy of ends and new beginnings present at this time. For the past few years, I have been doing spellwork on New Year’s Eve. It is a restorative way to spend the last day of the year, and a way to create a fresh start to the year ahead.

This New Year feels especially magickal due to a few factors. For one, it is the end of a decade. We are closing a chapter of our lives. In the past ten years, we have learned many lessons, experienced much growth, and have shifted and evolved our consciousness. Much of this was highlighted in the 2012 year, when we began to transition astrologically, shifting into the age of Aquarius.

Another energy that is present is the recent solar eclipse that took place around Christmas of this year. This merging of solar and lunar energy in Capricorn is bringing new awakenings in our structure, routine, and lives. We also have seen Jupiter transition recently into Capricorn as well, conjuncting the current solar energy.

With all that is happening and that has happened in 2019, 2020 brings about profound shifts. We are releasing old energies to make way for the advancement that the new year brings.

As a part of myself, I offer up this New Year’s Eve ritual of release and manifestation. May it bring you transformation in the year to come!

Releasing Ritual


Cleanse your Space

The end of the year is a symbolic time of death and letting go. While a part of this spell focuses on releasing the old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us in the new year, it is also a time to release the physical as well. Go through your space and gather items that you haven’t used, don’t need, or contain heavy emotional energy (such as things from a past relationship/friendship). It is time to let these go.

Smudge your Space 

Before the energetic releasing, smudge your space to prepare the room for the magical work that is about to happen. Clearing the space of stagnant energy will also allow the new energies of the prosperity spell to be ushered in. Looking for herbs for smudging? Check out these sustainable options.

Releasing Spell

Get some scrap pieces of paper and write down all the things you wish to release with the end of this year. Reflect on all these aspects, beliefs, (even people/things) that no longer serve you and your higher self. When you have written these all down, light a candle (make sure it is safely contained as you will be lighting your pieces of paper and tossing them into the flames. I like to use a votive that is encompassed in a large mason jar). Read each piece of paper aloud, sending this energy off into the universe as you then light the paper, letting this energy go.

Before you recite this items to release, you may use an opening saying to enhance this power. Here is a saying to use:

“As the hours of the year comes to an end, so too shall I say farewell to things, people, and beliefs that no longer serve me and my highest good. I leave these things, knowing that a better and brighter year is ahead, and that in order to invite these new energies into my life, I need to release the old. Here is to what I release with the end of this year…”



After your releasing spell, it is now time to bring in the positive aspects for the new year.


Manifestation Ritual


For a bit of extra magick with this manifestation spell, I suggest a curation of crystals to help with this New Year vibration, as well as a Prosperity Tea to be consumed before hand to attract this energy in.


Crystals for the New Year

Have the crystals surrounding you, or place them on your altar (if you’ve created one for the New Year).

  • Smoky Quartz – Connects Earth and Spirit to help manifest your dreams into reality
  • Peridot – Connects to the Heart to help release energies that no longer serve you, propelling you forward in your spiritual journey.
  • Kunzite – Connects to the Higher Self to protect and heal the heart, allowing unconditional love to flow
  • Celestite – Connects to the Higher Realms, allowing spiritual guidance to enter our lives.


Prosperity Tea

  • Passionflower – brings in passion
  • Lavender – attracts peace
  • Chamomile – attracts prosperity
  • Dandelion Leaf – manifests wishes
  • Catnip – attracts luck
  • Rosehip – attracts love


Intention Spell

On a full sheet of paper, write down all of the things, beliefs, ideas, etc. that you wish to attract and manifest for the new year. Once you have finished this list, read these items out loud, letting your voice send these vibrations into the universe.

Here is a saying you can use before reading your list:

“With the releasing of this past year, I am now able to accept all the opportunities and blessings that 2020 brings into my life. I speak with clear intent, and for my greatest good, the things, people, and beliefs I wish to manifest in the new year….”

Afterwards, fold up the paper and keep it safe. I have saved my papers from previous years into an envelope.


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