A Witch’s Craft – Yule Bundles

It’s December, which means a busy month of holidays. For witches, the holiday we celebrate is Yule. Taking place on the Winter Solstice, it marks the shortest day of the year.

At this time, pagans celebrate the return of the sun. The darkest days are behind us, and we begin to look forward to the growth of the daylight. Traditionally, people would take this time to celebrate and thank the nature spirits for the “rebirth” of the sun.

Connecting to the energies of the season, I decided to make some blessing bundles. While there are other herbs that are associated with yule (find out which here), I used cedar for this bundle.

Cedar is an evergreen, and is associated with the season of winter. It was used by the Druids to create sacred spaces, making it perfect for a yule themed blessing bundle. It invites good spirits and casts protection in spaces. It connects to the elements of earth and fire, and the sun, bringing this warm energy to the cold winter months.

Other than being good for smudging areas, its spirit invokes prosperity, strength, and growth. It has been highly regarded in many cultures and religions and has great spiritual significance.

I personally use it in smudging but also to invite the ancient ancestors of the earth in. Cedar holds ancient wisdom from the old forests and land, and connecting to these energies will bring more deep and old knowledge into your life.


How to Make

Take fresh cedar twigs and stack them to form a bundle. Use some string or twine (I’ve used embroidery thread) to tightly wrap your bundle. If you’d like to increase the magick, repeat a saying or mantra as you are wrapping the cedar to infuse this intention into the smudge stick.

How to Use 

Cedar is a sacred herb that actually doesn’t need to be lit and burned in order for its magick to spread. However, if you’re a traditionalist (like moi) then light the end of your wand and blow out the flames. Use this like a sage smudge stick and work your way around a room (being sure to get the door/window openings) or use this on yourself or objects to bless and cleanse them.


While gift giving isn’t a super common practice (in the old ways), Neopagans have adopted this idea. These yule bundles make for great stocking stuffers and small gifts for your spiritual friends and family.





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