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Basic Crystals for a Beginner Witch

Next Thursday is Samhain (aka Halloween for you mortals), and you bet that I’m stoked for my favorite holiday! The whole month of October I’ve been diving more into my witchy side.

I’ve been practicing witchcraft for over five years now as apart of my spirituality. While witchcraft is an old-world magick, it has recently seen a revival amongst the New Agers and Neopagans. Though the emergence of witches is exciting (we’ve been in hiding for wayyyy to long), many new witches don’t know where to begin.

If you’re a beginner witch, one thing to have in your witchy toolkit are a few key crystals. Crystals have been used for their energetic purposes for centuries. Used in grids, hex bags, as wands, and for divination work, they are a practical and versatile magick tool.

Before diving into the more mystic and mysterious stones, such as Black Kyanite and Mystic Merlinite, here are some basic crystals that every witch should be familiar with.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a personal favorite of mine because it is such a powerful and versatile stone. While it connects deeply to the earth and lower chakras, providing us with grounding, protection, and cleansing, it also is attune with the crown chakra and higher frequencies. It’s an excellent stone for manifestation and meditation.

Clear Quartz

Known as the Shaman or King Crystal, Clear Quartz does everything from amplify, clear, transmute, and block energies. It is an easy to program stone, making it perfect for a witch to charge for any intention or spell.


Brings innate magical powers to the surface. It opens up our third eye to awaken deep insights, spiritual gifts, and psychic abilities. A mystic stone, it allows us to travel between worlds, allowing us to explore and evolve our beings.


Named after the Greek goddess, Selene, Selenite is a stone connected to the moon, stabilizing our emotions and connecting us to our intuition. It’s high frequencies connect with our crown chakra and the etheric realm.  They make excellent natural wands, being able to amplify and clear energies.


A psychic stone, Amethyst not only aligns us to higher frequencies, connecting to our Third and Crown chakras, but it is also a protective stone for mystics and witches, guarding their energies from negative vibrations and psychic attacks.


A mystic stone, moonstone attunes us to our inner psychic abilities such as clairvoyancy and intuition. Good for psychic protection, it dispels negative energies from all our chakras. Its energy connects us deep to our divine feminine powers and the magick of the moon.


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