Plant-Based Eating

10+ Superfood Smoothies

If you’re someone that doesn’t get enough fruits and veggies in your daily meals, smoothies are the PERFECT solution. You can pack so much health into a mason jar, it should really come with warning labels. Especially when you up your smoothie game and start adding in superfood powders.

Superfoods are extremely nutrient dense foods that house a plethora of health benefits. Typically you only need a small amount tossed into smoothies (around 1 tsp – 1 tbsp), making them great add-ins to an already healthy meal.

While most health food stores/Co-ops offer a variety of superfood powders, you can find superfood powders in some mainstream stores and shops as well, such as Trader Joe’s, Costco, and even online.

The list of superfoods is ever growing, from turmeric to camu camu, and it seems like new foods are being introduced all the time. Don’t worry about those exotic powders like Ashwagandha, I’ve put together a list of more common superfoods that are easy to get a hold of as well as some recipe inspirations for whatever your health focus is.

So grab your blender and enjoy!




packed with antioxidants, increases metabolism, detoxes, calms body & mind, enhances mood, protects against diseases, high in vitamin C, lowers blood sugar


Metabolism & Digestion Smoothie

Mint Matcha Smoothie via Spices & Greens


Morning Energizer Smoothie

Energizing Tropical Smoothie via Grateful Grazer


Anti-Oxidant Loaded Smoothie 

Anti-oxidant Loaded Smoothie via Use Your Noodle



increases libido, boosts energy, increases fertility, boosts mood, reduces blood pressure, reduces sun damage, protects against free-radicals, improves memory & learning


Hormone Balancing Smoothie

Hormone Balancing Smoothie via Wallflower Kitchen


Aphrodisiac Smoothie

Aphrodisiac Smoothie via The Roasted Root


Fertility Smoothie

Fertility Smoothie via VegKitchen


lower blood pressure, increase brain power, improve cardiovascular performance, helps inflammation, detoxes liver, helps erectile dysfunction


Detox Smoothie

Detox Smoothie via Nutritionist meets Chef



improves gut health, detoxes heavy metals, manages diabetes, reduces blood pressure, increases metabolism, lowers cholesterol 


Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 9.10.04 AM.png
Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie via The Blender Girl


Pituitary Gland Relief Smoothie

Pituitary Gland Relief Smoothie via The Awesome Green


reduce high blood pressure, increase memory/brain function, boosts mood, fights free-radicals, helps skin & teeth, helps maintain proper weight


PMS Smoothie

PMS Smoothie via My Darling Vegan


Glowing Smoothie

Glowing Smoothie via E. A. Stewart



anti-inflammatory, protects and improves brain function, fights free-radicals, protects against heart disease, fights depression


Inflammation Smoothie

Inflammation Smoothie via Get Inspired Everyday


Vitamin C Smoothie

Vitamin C Smoothie via Rachel Hartley Nutrition



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