Crystals Pairing | Connecting with the Fae

Faeries are magickal creatures of many folklore. They are often depicted as small beings with human like features who are invisible and possess great supernatural and mystical powers. They live in the forests, swamps, and other natural area, keeping to themselves and typically not interacting with humans.

Fairies can be benevolent or malevolent, having mischievous and prankish behaviors. Ancient people had many superstitions with the fae, from stealing babies to putting hexes and curses on homes. Because of this, there are many traditions revolving around protecting one’s home and self from the fae. That being said, faeries can be helpful creatures as well, guiding us through obstacles but only if we are pure enough to receive their blessings instead of malice.

Cononecting to the fae, one can use crystals to help tune into the high vibrational frequencies of these mystical beings. Below is a list of stones that has been known to call forth faeries.



A remarkable stone of spiritual energies, Amethyst provides a heightened attunement to divine energies while providing psychic protection. Its high frequencies open up our Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing us access to the etheric realms.


Moss & Tree Agates

Both Moss and Tree Agate have strong ties to the natural world. They open up our heart chakra to invite the healing energies of the forest in. As such, this invites the fae that live within the woods to communicate. Moss and Tree Agates also connect to plant life, new growth, and abundance.



Also called ‘Fairy Crosses’, Staurolites are known for their connection to the fae. Containing grounding energies, they help us in aligning to the energies of Mother Earth and the natural world where faeries live. Being an ancient stone, they are now believed to be amulets of good luck, especially among White Mages.



This mystic looking crystal is indeed a stone of magick. It opens up the third eye for communication, enhancing visions and one’s clairvoyance/clairaudient abilities to see and hear fairies.


Smoky Quartz

This high vibrational stone was sacred to the Druids. Its energies connect with Mother Earth and the lower worlds, providing us access to communicate with these realms. A protective stone of all kinds, it is useful when working with the fae, as they have been known for their trickery.



An extremely powerful heart chakra stone, Kunzite opens us up to the universal flow of energy, connecting us with all beings, including those of the devic realm. It increases our senses so that we maybe receptive to the acute energies of faeries and nature spirits.


Preseli Bluestone

Having ancient ties to Stonehenge and Merlin, Preseli Bluestone is a crystal of ancient magic. It connects us to both cosmic and earth energies, making it a great stone to connect with the fae, ancient creatures who live in nature yet are too high vibrational for many humans to encounter.


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