Crystal Pairing | Stones for Traveling

So little known fact about me….I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. Despite my bohemian spirit of wanderlust and adventure, I have horrible anxiety when it comes to traveling. I never flew anywhere as a child, so planes freaked me out for the longest time. I get overstressed with planning trips, but also not having a plan. I am a bundle of conundrums.

The reason I travel is not only for my curiosity and wanderlust, but I’ve found that traveling is a wonderful opportunity for growth. Each time I travel solo, my anxiety spikes at first, but gets less and less with each trip I take. I face obstacles and rise to the occasion to overcome them.

I’ve noticed as well that with these trips, my spiritual journey has evolved as well. Life lessons and opportunities for growth present themselves, and more often than not, correlate to the aspect of my soul’s journey that I’m working on. Its as if these trips are milestones marking those stages in my process towards my higher self.

When I travel, I keep in line with my spiritual practice. I try to maintain my overall wellbeing, despite all the nerves I can sometimes get while in a new country. One of the little things I do is bringing a set of crystals with me.

For ages, stones have been used as talisman for travelers. Backpacking a country solo, I could use a little of that energy for my wandering and adventurous spirit.

While these stones I specifically paired for my upcoming travels to South East Asia (they kind of have a tropical and jungle energy to them), they are great for general traveling.


Smoky Quartz

This type of quartz is an extremely protective and grounding stone, absorbing and warding off negative energies and returning them to the earth. Smoky quartz enhances our survival instincts to assist during traveling. A seeker crystal, they are excellent talismans for wanderers and explorers.



Historically, moonstone has been used for traveling. Legend goes that due to its ties to the moon, carrying it under the moonlit was thought to aid in protection. It soothes one’s energy to allow better connection to the higher self and intuition, which is helpful for travels and decision making. An emotional healer, it calms and brings ease during stressful moments.  It connects to the synchronicities of the universe, allowing magick to unfold while on your travels.



A stone with the reputation of protecting sailors during voyages, Aquamarine is a lucky stone for water travels of any sort. It’s calming energy connects to the element of water and helps sooth the self during times of change, reminding us to be fluid like water. Its gentle yet courageous energies connect to a different side of empowerment, recognizing that not all power is loud. It shows that even the most soft natured can be brave and overcome difficult times with a quiet strength.


Tiger’s Eye

Having the history of being a talisman for protection and good luck, Tiger’s Eye makes for an excellent travel stone. Its solar energy activates the lower chakras, grounding us while providing joy, motivation, and prosperity while out and about. Wearing this stone provides insight and perception in unfamiliar places, protecting us from negative energies and giving us the courage to step out of our comfort zones. Connecting to the Solar Plexus, it promotes joy and optimism, reminding you to have fun and enjoy your travels!



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