Feng Shui

2019: Year of the Yin Earth Boar

February 5th marks the Lunar New Year in China and many Chinese influenced countries. The New Year is not just symbolic of a fresh start, but each New Year brings in a new set of energies based on the Polarity (Yang/Yin), Element (off of the 5 Chinese Elements) and Animal (off of the Chinese Zodiac). This year, we enter the Year of the Yin Earth Boar.

The Boar is the 12th and final animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Despite common reputation of pigs in modern society, the pig/boar is a very beloved animal. They are positive creatures, full of intelligence, love, and warmth. They value harmony and are quite humble by nature. In China, the Boar symbolizes good fortune, wealth and prosperity.

Combining the Boar’s energy with the element of Earth and Yin, 2019 offers the energy to focus on wealth and finances. Earth’s hardworking energy allows for a solid foundation to cultivate money making ventures, as well as its grounded and practical nature provides good energy for storing and saving. Yin’s energy is inward, so these monetary plans and opportunities come from the self rather than an external force. How can we grow our own capitalist ventures in the kind and harmonious energies of the pig?

Since the Boar’s favorable/associated direction on the Bagua Map is the Northeast, focus your wealth/fortune in this area. Perhaps place a symbol of prosperity there, such as a pig statue, some citrine, or a savings jar to connect to this prosperous energy. Remember, with and Earth Boar energy, these ventures could take a while to form, as the boar excels at endurance, but hard work pays off in the end!

With these energies in mind, here is a crystal pairing I put together. May it assist you in aligning to this Chinese New Year:


Pyrite draws energy from the earth into the physical body, protecting and anchoring one’s aura. It brings a burst of vitality, stimulating the brain for focus, recall, creativity and clarity. It’s a good stone for manifestation, bringing ideas and passions into tangible forms by helping us understand the power and abilities we process to execute them.


One of the most auspecious stones in Chinese culture, Jade provides tranquility, peace, and love. It fosters the growth of chi, especially from the heart, and opens up good fortune and abundance.


Red is a lucky color in China, especially for the Chinese New Year! It is thought to bring good luck and fortune. Not only is carnelian a lovely rich red stone, but it’s energetic properties align with positive life choices, prosperity and good luck. It is a wonderful stone for money making ventures, and assist one to find the motivation, turning dreams into reality with determination, ambition, and courage to overcome difficult situations.

Happy Year of the Yin Earth Boar!


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