Crystal Pairing – Crystals of Solar Energy

Midsummer is approaching and I’m loving that the days are getting longer and longer! As a pagan, sun worship is a very important practice. Ancient pagans would honored the sun during the eight festivals of the year, as they recognized the sun as a provider and sustainer of life.

But the importance of the sun isn’t just symbolic and spiritual. The sun is a main contributor of natural Vitamin D, providing us with multiple health benefits. It is also crucial for growing plants, providing the earth with its climates and temperatures, and overall maintaining life on this planet.

So yea, this great burning ball of fire in the sky is a pretty big deal, yet we too often take it for granite. I mean, it IS there every day (and thank goodness for that!).

I felt the same way about the sun, until I saw my first Solar Eclipse last summer and witnessed the significant temperature drops and saturated hues that occurred during totality. Living in Seattle also has helped me grow more of an appreciation for the sun, as we hardly see sunshine due to the overcast winters.

The sun is associated with Yang energy. Yang energy is masculine, active, and energizing. It is the opposite to its partner, Yin energy, which is associated with the moon. We need both in our lives to achieve balance and harmony. One cannot exist without the other.

So if you are someone who is Yang deficient and needs to add more of this type of energy into your life, a crystal pairing connecting to the sun is a good place to start. Carry these stones around or add them to your next solar ritual (Summer Solstice is just around the corner).



Connected to the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, Sunstone has a long history associated with the sun. Other Ancient cultures believed that Sunstone formed with the sun, and fell down to earth during a Solar Eclipse. Its solar energies cleanse the chakras, removing negative energies from the bodies. It promotes joy and warmth, and is beneficial for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.


A stone associated with the summer months, Citrine brings joy, warmth, positivity, and abundance into one’s life. Its solar energies never need cleansing, as it constantly is clearing negative energies. It is a good stone when working with your solar plexus charka.


The Ancient Egyptians called Carnelian “The Setting Sun”. Associated with the lower chakras, it contains life-force energy and provides motivation and endurance. Its fire energy brings about passion, heat, and creativity. Use Carnelian when you need to reignite aspects of your life or wish to be grounded in the present moment.


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