Moon Forecasts

Full Moon of April 2018

Greetings witches and mystics. It’s that time again… another full moon! This full moon falls on Sunday, April 29th. Known by Native tribes as the “Pink Moon”, it gets its name due to the wild ground phlox, a pink flower that blooms during the month of April. Spiritually, the Pink Moon signifies rebirth and renewal. New life is emerging all around us, and the energies at this time speak to an awakening.

With the full moon in Scorpio, now is a time of rebirth. Old patterns are shed, especially those pertaining to relationships. With Scorpio’s ruling planet in Pluto, a transformation is taking place at this time. Ask yourself what aspects of yourself in relationships do you need to let go of. What no longer serves you? Let it die. Remember death is not only the end but also the beginning of something new.

A sun in Taurus also speaks of love. Ruled by Venus and the element of Earth, it reminds us of hard work and self-love. Tauruses love to pamper themselves. Acts of self-love and compassion are needed before we move into relationships and give our love to others. Being the sign of the Bull, Taurus is also determined. Use this energy to help in moving forward with these new aspects and patterns emerging from the transformation of the full moon.

To assist in the energies at this time, here is a stone pairing dedicated to this full moon:


April Full Moon Crystal Pairing 

 Rose Quartz

A stone of Venus, Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love and compassion of all kinds. Its soothing energies radiate with the heart chakra to help heal us on an emotional level.  Use this crystal to aid in bringing personal fulfillment and bliss into one’s life.


Known also as the “cross stone”, Chiastolite symbolizes rebirth. Its grounding energy helps attune us to the physical world while acting with spiritual intentions. Use it in protecting one’s energies in this reawakening and to help in that spiritual progression.

Pink Moonstone

This stone contains feminine energies of the divine, and ties strongly to the phases of the moon herself. Symbolizing new beginnings, its peachy tones connect to the heart chakra, instilling a new love, compassion, and empathy for the self.

Remember that the full moon is an excellent time to cleanse your crystals! Leaving them overnight in the moonlight cleanses and recharges their energies. Enjoy these wonderful energies. As an added bonus, tomorrow will be the pagan holiday Beltane. It is yet another energy that promotes new beginnings. If you’re curious of ways to celebrate, head over to my post to get some ideas for your Beltane celebration.

Have a Happy Full Moon everyone!


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