Moon Forecasts

Full Moon of March 2018

March 31st marks the full moon. Wait, didn’t we already have a full moon in March? That’s right! This will be March’s second full moon (also known as a Blue Moon). And just because these two full moons are in the same month doesn’t mean the energies of this second full moon are comparable to the first.

This full moon passes under the sun sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Full of excitement and fiery energy, this sign is ambitious, adventurous, and motivated. They are the trailblazers of the zodiac, starting new endeavors and leading the way for others. With this sun sign, what goals are you setting into motion at this time? Take advantage of this solar energy.

To balance Aries independence and self-determined vibe, the moon is under the balance sign itself, Libra. Libras focus on harmony, relationships, diplomacy and peace. While the sun is having us focus on taking action with our goals, this moon has us looking deep within to make sure we maintain the balance with the relationships in our lives. Motivation and determination is a great thing, but we mustn’t forget the people in our lives and make time for them as we put our focus on our passions. Perhaps these two dualities can harmonize as we find relationships that align with our passions and goals.

Another astrological occurrence is the Mercury Retrograde that is happening at this time. Mercury is the planet that influences our intellect and communication. Considering this moon deals partially with relationships, we should be extra cautious and careful how we communicate with others. Ideas and thoughts could be misinterpreted, so it’s important to be as clear and direct as possible as we struggle through this retrograde.

To connect to the astrological energies at this time, here is a crystal pairing to assist you on your spiritual path:


Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is useful for business and personal goals, manifesting dreams into reality. Great for meditation, it connects the crown and root chakras, linking spiritual energy into the physical presence.

Tiger’s Eye

A great balancing stone, Tiger’s Eye helps harmonize yin-yang energy in the body. It promotes harmony within relationships and can help stabilize off-balance relationships through understanding. Connecting to the Solar Plexus, it aids in manifesting your will and achieving your goals.

Blue Topaz

Considering the communication hiccups we may be experiencing with the Mercury Retrograde, Blue Topaz is an excellent stone to assist. Placed on the Throat Chakra, it helps one to better articulate their thoughts and feelings. It brings peace and tranquility to these stressful times.

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