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Crystal Pairing – Stones for Imbolc

Each new season brings upon new energies. With the pagan festival of Imbolc, these energies correspond with the birth of spring and new growth. It is where witches set their intentions for the upcoming year, planting these seeds that will develop over the seasons.

With Imbolc falling on February 1st, we are still transitioning through winter, so we are also experiencing the energies of healing and self-reflection. Imbolc is the turning point between winter and spring, and an opportunity to manifest the self and focus on spiritual growth.

If you celebrate Imbolc, utilizing the energies of nature to help in a way of developing your spirituality and personal growth, then try this crystal pairing.


Rose Quartz

With this heart stone’s gentle energy, use Rose Quartz to attract love into your life, most importantly, self love. With winter’s healing energies, rose quartz can help to heal our emotional wounds and find love and peace within the self.


Tree Agate

As the upcoming season of spring represents new growth, Tree Agate is a good stone to use in manifesting your intentions. What aspects of yourself do you wish to grow with this spring?


Preseli Bluestone

A mystical stone, Preseli Bluestone connects to our spirits, helping to develop spiritual growth and evolution, unlocking abilities, and assisting in spiritual endeavors. Use this stone as you move forward on your spiritual path this Imbolc.


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