Crystal Pairing – Crystals For Celebrating Yule

It’s the holiday season. Multiple religions and spiritual groups have some festival around this time. For pagans, this is the festival of Yule.

Yule is celebrated on the Winter Solstice. It is the time of the pagan year to turn inward and reflect. The shortest days are behind us, and as the return of the sun approaches, we recharge our energies for the upcoming months. Ideas begin to emerge on what intentions to set for Imbolc.

This is a time where the water energy of purification, reflection, and deep self-analyzes is present. Tap into water’s healing properties as you take a deep look within yourself to better understand what the endings of the current year and what you need to focus on for the new year ahead.

With Yule being on the longest night of the year, lunar magick is useful to practice at this time.

To assist in your pagan practice of Yule, here are a few stones that connect to the holiday.


Black Moonstone

With the longest night of the year, Black Moonstones connects to these deep lunar energies, enhancing psychic abilities, meditation, and spiritual pursuits.

Blue Lace Agate

This tranquil stone opens up the Throat chakra, bringing self-expression free from judgement. It links to your higher truth and enhances peaceful energies.


Perfect to use in a meditative state, Kunzite protects and strengthens the aura. It is a wonderful spiritual stone, removing obstacles and guiding us on our spiritual paths. It has a gentle energy to it as well, instilling love and compassion.


Chiastolite is one of the earthy stones that links to our spirituality, providing answers to mysterious events in our lives. It dissolves illusions so that we can better focus and see what our true path is. It aids in problem solving and assists in change/moving forward.


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