Crystal Pairing – The Power of Reflection

Have you ever wondered where stones and crystals get some of their properties? Why is emerald a stone of love? How is carnelian good for creativity?

The special properties of a stone or crystal are often times due to its appearance. Many colored stones correlate to the chakra colors, as do their properties.

Other stones form in specific ways, such as giving off a silky shimmer. These stones bounce light, changing its appearance with at different glances, creating its gleam. It is this reflection that holds powerful energy.

The symbolism of reflection has a deep meaning. It is a defense. Shielding us from harm, it deflects negativity. It is a source of protection from others.

On the other hand, when we use reflection on ourselves, it is a source of inner wisdom and peace. When we reflect on ourselves, our egos grow smaller as our connection to our consciousness expands. We are more at peace with ourselves when we reflect on our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, so we can better understand and grow.

However you decide to use reflection as a tool in your spiritual journey, here are three crystals to assist you on your path:



Selenite’s reflection is shown in many ways. Selenite is fossilized seawater, thus connecting it to the element of water. Water’s power of looking past the surface and deep down aids in it being a great crystal for meditation and looking into one’s subconscious. Another way Selenite connects to reflection is due to its name. The name comes from the Greek word, Selene, meaning moon. The moon also has significance to reflection. As the illumination casts light on the dark, we too can shed light onto ourselves.


Lepidolite provides it’s reflective powers to our minds and hearts. Containing Lithium, it is helpful for relieving depression and anxiety, bouncing off these negative energies. It is a calming stone for the heart as well, soothing emotional stress and trauma.  It is a great stone for protecting one’s thoughts and feelings, from themselves and others.


Pyrite creates a shield through its reflection. It guards out negative energies and pollutants, deflecting harm and danger. It is also used to block the energy leaks from the physical body and aura, strengthening that protective shield. Through Pyrite’s reflection, we feel guarded and safe.


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