Plant Based Beauty

30 Second Banana Face Cleanser

One of the ideas behind living a natural lifestyle is freeing your home from all chemicals and toxins. These are hidden everywhere in our homes, entering our bodies through the air we breath, or through our skin. Our skin is our largest organ. It has tiny pores which allow passage in and out of our bodies.

A chemicals and toxins can be hidden everywhere, especially in our beauty products. Coating our bodies with a lotion that uses an artificial scent, or leaving a face mask on for ten minutes that uses dyes and chemicals is unhealthy and unnecessary for us to do when there are so many healthy alternatives out there.

While there are plenty of natural alternatives for beauty products, many people decide to make their own. Using ingredients found in your kitchen, you can make a lot of beauty products. Most ‘beauty recipes’ require cheap ingredients and are easy to make. You are saving money and you are saving the environment by not consuming the plastic you would have used if you had brought a product from the store.

Today at work I noticed my face was beginning to break out. I accounted it from not being well hydrated recently. Water is such an important part of clean and clear skin. I’m sure we’ve all heard that we are made up of water. We need it to survive (*cough* DAPL). It filters our system of toxins and chemicals, removing them through our urine. When we don’t have enough water in our body, these toxins begin to build up and try to find alternate ways to leave. They form little pockets on your face. This is acne. So when I saw these gross little toxin filled sacks on my face, I got me a 24oz bottle of water and a face cleanser.

The face cleanser I used has only one ingredient but tons of benefits. It is full of different vitamins and minerals that help our skin. It has vitamin C, which is necessary for the production of collagen. It contains vitamin A, which helps to remove acne scars, vitamin E to fight free radicals that damage skin cells, lectin to destroy bacteria that cause acne and pimples, and potassium to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Do you know what food I’m talking about?

A banana!

Specifically the banana peel. The peel contains a ton of these nutrients, and when you rub it on your face, your skin gets to absorb these benefits. It’s so simple to do…

Just eat a banana and rub the peel all over your face. Let it soak into your skin. Washing off the peel afterward will wash away all the nutrients. Instead, leave the peel on overnight so the vitamins and minerals have time to absorb into your skin.

See?! It’s fast, easy, cheap, and eco-friendly. It also works! My skin felt significantly cleaner after rubbing the peel on my face. After spending the night wearing it, the next morning I looked, and my acne had significantly reduced in size and visibility. I’d say I looked rather, a-peel-ing. 😉




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