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Imbolc Crystals for Every Pagan

Happy Imbolc everyone!!! I hope all you witches and mystics are celebrating the holiday in your own magical way. I myself am going to have a magical night of mediation, divination, and a little spell šŸ˜‰

If you don’t know how to celebrate, head over to my article, Seven Ways to Celebrate Imbolc, for some ideas. Or check out, Five Imbolc Herbs that are in your Pantry, if you prefer the herbalist approach.

I have a special love for stones. Working at Crystal Life, a shop in my home town, I developed a special skill of crystal pairings. I intuitively could pair the energies of stones so that they resonated with an intention/purpose. Tonight, I have put together three stones that work well with Imbolc energies. This is just another way you can celebrate the season. Add them all to a small bag or satchel and carry them with you for the next few days, or until the next pagan festival of Ostara.


Stones for Imbolc

Garnet – In the spirit of the regeneration and purifying nature of Imbolc, Garnet is a stone that cleanses and energizes the chakras. Connecting to fire energy, it resonates with the returning sun. Garnet removes old or obsolete ideas, behavior patterns that are no longer serving you, and other modalities that are holding you back.

Moonstone – Known as “the stone of new beginnings”, it encourages the start of things. A mystic stone, it opens our intuition, making it beneficial for meditation and reflection. Moonstone connects to female energy and can strengthen the bond with the triple goddesses. Brighid, a Celtic goddess honored during Imbolc, is believed to be a triple goddess.

Moss Agate – Having a strong tie to nature, Moss Agate refreshes the soul and stimulates growth. Since it connects with nature and growth, Moss Agate is also a stone of abundance, bringing fertility and plentitudeĀ into one’s life.



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