Crystal Pairing: Stones for 2017

Today is New Year’s Eve and officially the last day of 2016. Reflecting back on this year, it sure has been an eventful one. Mistreated Syrian refuges, ISIS bombings, and the US election, there has been a lot of pain and negativity surrounding our planet this year, and I am sure a lot of us are relieved at the symbolic end of 2016.

With the New Year comes many hopeful changes. It’s the end of the old and the start of the new. With the winter solstice being behind us, longer, brighter days are ahead, signifying the rebirth of a new season , a new year, and a new beginning.

In all that this new year brings, I wish you all good fortune, peace, and love. As we move into the new, here is a stone pairing to help you start off 2017:


Stones for 2017

Peridot – A remarkable healing stone, peridot opens you up to new levels of awareness and growth. It cleanses and protects the aura, removing fear, anger, guilt, and any other form of negativity, instilling forgiveness so that one may move forward spiritually. Connecting to the earth’s energies as well as the heart chakra, it sends loving vibrations into the environment.

Aragonite – As an earth stone, Aragonite grounds energy, transforming environmental stress and clearing blocked ley lines*. It helps bring insight to the problems at hand and assists in viewing the practical solutions. Its grounding energy helps in spiritual development, as it calms and controls, bringing the energies back to balance.

Ocean Jasper – Connecting to the water element, Ocean Jasper is a stone of renewal. It aids in allowing us to cope with changes. It provides a humanitarian aspect to life, opening us up empathetically to others and revealing to us the interconnections of all of the universe. It instills patiences and invokes inner wisdom.


*ley lines = energy lines of the earth that connect geographical points of interest, such as ancient temples or significant landscapes.



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