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Water IS Life: Reflecting on Standing Rock.

Hydrate. It’s one of the main tips my boyfriend likes to give people when they talk to him about their health. Studying Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bastyr, the Nation’s number one school for Naturopathic Medicine, he is knowledgable on how important water is for our health.

We are 50-65% water. The water we are made of helps us out many ways, from regulating the flow of oxygen throughout our body to flushing out toxins that enter our system. Water does so much for us, and we should drink plenty of it to be properly hydrated.

Staying hydrated myself, I poured a glass of water from our Brita. Living in an apartment, we are connected to the city’s water and have a purifier for using the faucet. Being in Seattle, I’m fortunate enough to have glacier fed water, so there isn’t a real “taste” of minerals to it, which is huge since I sort of am a water snob (twenty years of growing up on a reverse osmosis filter with well-water will do that to you).

As I sipped my tasteless, clear water, I thought about those people is this world not as fortunate as I…in other countries where they have to hike a mile down a hill to get water from a well and bring it back to their village, and here in America where areas of the country such as Detroit, have water the color of rust, or places whose clean water is being threatened such as Standing Rock.

I’ve taken water for granted, and I think a lot of us for the most part have. We have become to accustom to the luxury of clean water, and that we assume it will always be this way, but with oil companies drilling in areas where there is high risk of the drinking water getting polluted, there may come a day where we will have to pay $10 for a bottle of water, because we have destroyed our clean water to the point of no return, and where big corporations will monopolize the clean water supply, earning more money from something that should be a free human right for everyone.

Water. It’s so simple. It is found in oceans, lakes, rivers, from the sky when it rains, and from snow when it freezes. It houses entire ecosystems, creates power, is a way of transporting goods, and is important for our overall health. We are water. We need it to survive. Bottom line, water is life.

So the next time you drink a glass of water, be thankful. Be thankful and be conscious of the importance of Standing Rock, and what they are fighting to protect. I’m sure we’ve all been aware of what has been happening with the Dakota Access Pipeline. Currently while the US Army has intervened and denied access to the pipeline, companies are still pushing through to continue building it. They’ve already invested too much money and despite the government denying access, these companies continue to break the law, willing to destroy not only these Native American’s clean water, but most likely ours as well.

Imagine a world where we don’t have clean water. Imagine having to pay for something found free in nature. Imagine having limited access to the thing that sustains life and is crucial for our health. Imagine future generations having to suffer because of today’s carelessness for our planet and its people. It’s a sad marker in human history when corporate greed will surpass human decency. Do what you can to make this world a bright one. Stand for human equality, stand for Standing Rock, stand for clean water, stand for life.


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