Crystal Pairing: Stones for Hawaii Traveling

Okay, so this crystal pairing may seem a little more specific than most of my recipes, but incase you haven’t heard, I’m going to Hawaii in a few days!!! I’ll be visiting my sister and taking in the scenery and culture while I am there.

I love to travel. For me, it encompasses my interest for both culture and nature. I enjoy discovering and learning these new destinations though exploring their streets full of history, eating their traditional food, admiring their art, and fully emerging myself into the culture. Being in a new part of the world brings out the adventurous gypsy soul in me, wandering admits the unfamiliar territory, with ever turn of my head presenting me with new sights, both urban and of the natural world.

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but as I have learned, it’s where a lot of Seattlites go for the winter to escape the bleak skies, damp weather, and dark days. Whenever I travel, I bring along a crystal pairing. I choose stones whose properties relate to the energies of the trip. Today, I put together my crystal pairing for my vacation. So while this crystal recipe maybe more oriented for my own personal vacation, if you ever plan on going to the islands, you might want to take along these stones as well:

Moonstone – Traditionally, Moonstone was known as the ‘traveler’s stone’, and brings protection to those who travel. Mentally, it calms overreactions to situations and emotional triggers. As Hawaii has very feminine energy, Moonstone helps connect to ones female side, promoting intuition and empathy.

Kunzite – This stone awakens the heart center, protecting the aura from unwanted energies and dispelling negative vibrations. It helps relieve anxiety and stress. It imparts the ability to be self-contained even within a crowd, which is helpful for busy airports and public transportation.

Leopard skin Jasper – A strong protective stone, Leopard skin Jasper is beneficial for travel. Strengthening our connection with nature, this stone brings forth the innate wisdom and healing methods of native peoples and encourages a deep bond between us and the animal world. It’s great for those wishing to explore the natural scenery.

Ammonite – Being a fossilized sea creature, Ammonite enhances our relationship with our own past selves, letting us look deep within for past life exploration. It has deep root chakra energy as well as a connection to the ocean and sea. Used in Feng Shui, it also contains life force energy, known as chi, and can help revitalizes and energize our auras. Good for those long and busy days of site seeing and exploring!


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