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The Beaver Moon: Super Full Moon of November

November 14th is a rare occurrence for full moons. This full moon is a super moon. A super moon is where the moon is closer to earth, so it appears bigger to us in the sky. The last time we encountered a super moon of this magnitude was in 1948. Metaphysically, super moons affect us more, since they are closer to us and offer greater energy.

The November full moon is also called the Beaver Moon. At this time of the year, hunters and Native Americans would set traps for beavers to collect their furs for the upcoming winter months. Symbolically, the Beaver Moon is a time of preparation. As we exit one season, we set forth into new energies for the future winter months.

This full moon falls under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, being grounded, patient, and reliable. Ruled by the planet Venus, they resonate love and admire beauty. As the moon is opposite the sun, this sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by passion, emotions, and drive. Having their ruling planets be Mars and Pluto, this energy is of action and transformation.

Taking into account both energies, this super moon is a trying time. While in the month of Scorpio, we have already seen many changes. In the United States alone, we have witnessed the shock of the new-elected president, hate-crimes, the continued fight for clean water with the Dakota Access Pipeline, and many more major shifts. The passion and drive of Scorpio has awakened activism, but in some cases has turned angry and violent, as Scorpio’s nature is often fiery tempered.

Having a grounded moon sign to balance out this intense sun energy, Taurus provides a practical approach to these changes. Instead of fighting, use Taurus’s energy of Venus to show love and act in beauty. Be gentle. Let the passion of Scorpio fuel your soul, and let the determination and stubborn nature of Taurus keep you going. With these dual energies at play, it is a time of transformation and love in the upcoming month.

Resonating with these energies, here is a crystal pairing for this upcoming moon month:


Garnet – Connects to Scorpio energy. Instills passion and drive. Helps to energize the chakras. Inspires love and brings hope and encouragement.

Emerald – Connects to Taurus energy.Helps restore balance in the self.  Calms the emotions, emitting loving energy. Stimulates compassion and community.

Selenite – Connects to lunar energy. Raises vibrations, amplifying energies.




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