Zodiac Signs

Virgo – The Virgin

From August 23rd to September 23rd, the sun falls under the 6th zodiac sign, Virgo.
The sign of Virgo is the Virgin. It is a symbol that shouldn’t be taken literally, but instead, the symbol represents the purity and modesty of this sign. Known to be a bit prudish to some, Virgos are a responsible and respectable bunch, who are neat, organized, and clean. Their gentle and caring nature is what makes this sign so pure. Often possessing big hearts, they rarely show this side, as their analytical minds protect their sweet and sensitive beings. They are known as the “service” sign of the zodiac, and you can usually find them helping others.

Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign. Known as the Roman god of communication and the mind, Virgos posses the qualities of an overactive mind and a busy bee mentality. They are constantly running around, being productive, and checking tasks off their lists. Their minds are always analyzing, focusing in on details. Being over thinkers though, Virgos are great problem-solvers, finding solutions in either practical or creative ways. Having their brains constantly working, the downside of their constant thinking is that it can lead them to become anxious and their own toughest critics, striving for perfection.

Ruled by the element of the earth, this sign is very grounded to reality. Having the characteristics of being reliable, practical, and responsible, they posses great work ethics. Their earthy nature also shows up in the fact that Virgos are very easy-going and humble. Like clay, they can mold into most situations, being the most adaptable of the earth signs.

To connect with this sign, these crystals offer the Virgo qualities:

Carnelian – Carnelian is a stone of motivation, bringing vitality and will power into one’s life. It balances the analytical mind with creativity. It helps in becoming more organized, and assists in keeping one’s mind in the present.

Peridot – Known as the stone of the healers, Peridot protects one’s aura field. It helps in breaking old patterns to rapidly bring forth new growth and change. It heals the heart and brings clarity to one’s mind.

Amazonite – This is a great stone for providing courage and assisting in communicating one’s thoughts and true feelings without being over emotional. It calms the over-active mind, bringing peace and relaxation.




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