Moon Forecasts

The Sturgeon Moon – Full Moon of August

August 18th marks the full moon for the month. Known as the “Sturgeon Moon”, it gets its name from the Native American tribes who lived around the Great Lakes and would catch these fish at this time. As a spirit animal, the sturgeon represents inner wisdom, intuition, and truth. A symbol of ancestry, it shows longevity and slow continual growth. This month, you may have a new endeavor that will gradually expand in the future months to come. It may be a pursuit of learning, as the sturgeon connects to wisdom and truth.

Triple Goddess Moon Lammas zoom
“Triple Goddess Moon – Lammas” Watercolor and Ink, 5×7

This month, the full moon falls into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are truth seekers. An air sign, their interests are in gaining knowledge and sharing what they have learned. They are a sign controlled by the mind, and are communicative, social, and analytical. While they have an easy time in social settings, they enjoy originality and freedom.

The sun is currently still in the sign of Leo. Leos are a warm-hearted and joyful bunch. Ruled by the sun and the element of fire, they have captivating personalities, are engaging and energetic. Natural born leaders, they shine in social settings, and have a tendency to enjoy being the center of attention.

Balancing the signs of the moon and sun, this month revolves around socialization. Both Aquarius and Leo are social signs. Aquarians tend to be more group oriented and act as team members, while Leos are more the ones taking charge and leading. It is a good month to be engaging in group-oriented activities, such as projects at work. You will have the logical mindset of Aquarius, with the dynamic power and motivation of Leo to make you shine in any situation! Original ideas may come flowing in, which will be helpful in these group projects. As the Sturgeon moon shows growth and longevity, these projects may last for an extended amount of time, but with these zodiac energies at play, these endeavors will start off on a great foot!


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