Zodiac Signs

Leo – The Lion

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. From July 22nd to August 22nd, the sun is ruled by the sign of the lion.

The symbol of Leo is the lion. Like the animal, Leo tends to rule the scene. They exude strength, dignity, and power. They are natural born leaders to like to be in charge. Other lion traits are their pride, loyalty and fearlessness. Get on their bad side and watch them roar, as they are very opinionated and do not like their power questioned.

Fire is the element of Leo. Fire elementals are typically warm, energetic, and passionate people, and Leos are no exception. Leos are bright and engaging, bringing their happy personalities wherever they go. They enjoy having fun, and partake in lots of recreational activities, usually ones that involve a team or group of people, since they are social creatures.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. As everything revolves around the sun, Leos often believe this about themselves. They like to be the center of attention and are very swept away in status. Their egos can get the better of them at times, which can come across as bossiness or vanity. Like the sun, Leos generate lots of warmth and energy. They are charming, outgoing, dynamic, and overall fun people to be around.

To connect with Leo energies, here are stones that resonate with this zodiac:

Citrine – A stone connecting to the sun’s warm energies, it brings joy, optimism, and abundance into one’s life. It enhances the creativity of Leo, and raises the self-esteem and confidence this zodiac sign possesses as well. It is a “happy” stone, removing negativity and replacing it with positive energies.

Tiger’s Eye – This sun stone connects to our Solar Plexus and lower chakras, providing motivation and willpower. It is useful for recognizing the needs of others and shows how to correctly use the power given to them.

Garnet – This stone energizes one’s aura. It brings success, providing the passion and motivation to achieve one’s dreams. It also instills love and protects from negative energies, enhancing the loving energies of Leo. A survival stone, it activates during times of trouble, allowing you to find the solution to your problems.



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