Crystal Pairing – Stones of the Inner Gladiator

Throughout human history, there has been a quest for power. Often, this power is in the form of kingdom and fame. Yet this is no real power. Power is the mastery of the self, finding your own personal strength, not through ruling and controlling others. It is the ego taking over, instead of letting our inner light guide us.

Finding our own personal power is sometimes a challenging quest. Who are we? What motivates and guides us? How can we find stability in the midst of chaos? Personal power connects to our lower chakras, especially the Solar Plexus. We can gain this power through knowing ourselves, mastering our own wills, and accepting ourselves entirely, perfection and flaws. It comes from ruling within.

Crystals have long been used by ancient warriors to bring them courage and power. Discover your personal power and inner gladiator with these crystals:


Tiger’s Eye – brings integrity and the correct use of power. Increases motivation, vital energy, and self-worth. Stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Bronzite – a protective stone that restores composure and promotes decisive action.

Magnetite – restores balance to self. Aligns chakras and connects to the earth and life force energy. Brings inner stability.

Shungite – heals the self, shielding from EMFs, pollution, and negative energies of all kind. Energetically recharges you.


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