Moon Forecasts

The Buck Moon – Full Moon of July

The full moon for the month of July falls on the 19th. It is known as the Buck Moon, because at this time, bucks start to grow their new antlers. It is a time of change, and like the Buck as a totem animal, it is a time to stay grounded, as new leadership and strength is occurring.


This full moon is under the sign of Capricorn. Capricorns are earth-signs, who have the qualities of being organized, determined, and practical. They do not strive for unrealistic goals or dreams, and instead, exude patience and handwork in order to achieve their plans.  They are known as the business-minds of the zodiac.

At this time, the sun is existing Cancer and moving into Leo. Cancer is a water-sign, ruled by the moon, that is sensitive and holds strong emotional ties. Leo on the other hand is a fire-sign, ruled by the sun, that is dynamic, ambitious, and more ego-oriented.

With these objects at play, this full moon focuses on shifting your perspective in terms of leadership and career-oriented matters. Perhaps you have been taking things to personally at work and it is time to regain your courage and let your inner lion roar. You may have been feeling some inadequacy or weakness at work. The sensitivity that Cancer’s sun brought is about to pass, as we focus more on ourselves and our roles at work.

There could be new management or an entirely new work experience, where you are exposed to a better work environment (thanks to Leo’s sun), and an optimistic and warm month is ahead!

To connect with this full moon, these crystals are energetically paired to the Buck Moon:

Moonstone – A stone of new beginnings, Moonstone provides emotional stability during times of change. It also connects to the Cancer sign.

Jet – A crystal connecting to Capricorn, Jet is a grounding stone. It helps in business ventures and starting new careers.

Tiger’s Eye – A stone of high vibrational energy that is also grounding, Tiger’s Eye encourages one to step out of their comfort zone and to embarrass new experiences. It increases willpower, motivation, and helps harmonize different viewpoints. It is a stone connecting to Leo.




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