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The EcoSpiritual Connection of Yoga

The Yoga Lifestyle has become the new up-and-coming trend with many of mainstream society. “Om” tee shirts and yoga pants are spreading like wildfire among young people. The word ‘Namaste’ is being thrown around like some casual greeting between friends. But yoga is more than just flexible poses, tone abs, and a wardrobe of Lulu Lemon. Yoga holds the essence of an EcoSpiritual Connection, and its practice dates back to around the 5th or 6th century B.C.

Yoga itself is a blend of physical and spiritual worlds. Each pose requires one to strengthen and connect with their body. Holding poses and vinyasa flows relates to our vital life force energy, that of the earth and the physical. Our bodies are the physical aspect of ourselves, and through yoga, we become aware of this. Each twist, stretch, and hold takes us deeper within ourselves, becoming aware of our limits and learning to overcome them.

Our breaths and our meditations help and connect us to the cosmic universal energy that is the spirit. It is this spiritual side of yoga that allows our minds to be at rest, and for us to open ourselves to the energies around us. Many of yoga’s poses and mudras help balance out our energy, otherwise known as chakras, providing us a spiritual healing.

We are feeding our bodies and our souls through yoga. The physical power we receive from it, along side our sense of peace and bliss, gives us the balance of Eco and Spiritual. When we end our practice by focusing on our heart center, we are bringing these two energies together to create a oneness for ourselves.

To assist in a deeper EcoSpiritual connection to yoga, it is especially beneficial to practice yoga outside. It is there, exposed and surrounded by nature, that we can strengthen the ‘Eco’ aspect regarding EcoSpiritual yoga. Our bare feet touch the earth as we become rooted and grounded to nature and her energies. Our base chakra is activated, and we become balanced, secure, and stable in the world around us. We become mindful of our surroundings: the sound of the birds, the cool breeze on our skin, the smell of fresh flowers. This awareness and stillness of the the mind heightens the bridge of ‘Eco’ and ‘Spiritual’, showing us the oneness within ourselves and our environment.

Yoga can be so much more than a workout or weekend activity with your girlfriends. It can be this gateway to enlightenment and sense of serenity. It can show us connections we never knew existed. It can open the way to a lifestyle that is full of awareness, both spiritually and environmentally.



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