Crystal Pairing – Stones for Multidimensional Communcations

Our Third Eye is a very powerful tool that many of us do not know how to access. This chakra node is associated with our pineal gland, which is located between our brow line. Once activated, we can sense and receive energies from higher vibrations.

Throughout ancient history, many cultures have given a special name to this chakra because of the power is possesses. Hindus refer to it as ‘The Eye of Shiva’, and Egyptians knew it as the ‘Eye of Horus’. The Third Eye can open up pathways of multidimensional communication, from other vibrations not of our dimension. It is said to be the gateway to consciousness and cosmic knowledge.

Crystals that resonate with Third Eye frequencies can help one to balance and activate their own Third Eye Chakra. These stones listed below are especially beneficial for the purposes of multidimensional communication:


Labradorite – a highly mystical stone, it connects to the universe’s energies, taking you into another world.

Moonstone – connected to the moon, it enhances psychic abilities and opens the mind.

Moldavite – a meteorite, it brings communication with extraterrestrial energies. A useful stone for star children.

Tektite – a stone of extraterrestrial origin, it opens up communication to other dimensions.


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