Crystal Pairing – Stones of Water Energy

This zodiac month, we are in the sign of Cancer. We also just recently celebrated the summer solstice and full moon. What do all three of these things have in common? WATER! The element of water is highlighted in each, and is important to pagan practice.

Ancients honored the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether), associating characteristics and attributes to each. They would incorporated these elements into festivals and rituals, honoring and celebrating these pieces that gave the world life.

The element of water is connected to feminine energies. The water element relates to our emotions, intuition, mystery, and nurturing qualities. It is opposite of fire, its masculine partner, and is connected to the planet of the moon. We see these connection in the vast waters of the sea, as the moon affects the tides, or on a full moon when our emotions are heightened. The element of water is a powerful force, and can be used in practices as a cleansing element, refreshing us physically and energetically.

Certain crystals are connected to the elements as well. These stones can be used in your pagan practice to connect you to the nurturing and cleansing powers of water:


Selenite – Fossilized salt water, it clears and amplifies energy.

Ammonite – converts negative energy into a positive spiral. A powerful karmatic and earth cleaner.

Aquamarine – soothes emotions and anxiety. Shields and aligns chakras, protective the aura and physical body.

Moonstone – balances the emotional and intellectual sides. Helps strengthen intuition.


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