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Ten Actually Cute DIY Decor Projects

Being an artist as well as an environmentalist, I am all for DIY projects. It is a great way to bring new life to an object instead of throwing it out. Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, DIY crafts are easier to find than ever. Some of these crafts however look a tad cheap. It’s not fooling anyone to see that soup can being turned into a lumineer. We still know it’s a soup can. No offense, but if I am going to repurpose something, I want it to look like I bought it. Here are ten DIY decor projects that are cute enough to be in stores.


Bud Vase Centerpiece 


What a cute way to display your tulips! This Bud Vase has the whole ‘country chic’ vibe down to a tee, and it’s only $10 to make!

Dollar Store Terrarium 


Nothing beats a dollar purchase. This quick and easy DIY terrarium highlights the beauty of your succulents while being reasonably priced. A great part about this DIY craft is that you can tailor it to any decor style based on the type of container you use. From mason jars for a country look, to a funky geometric vase for a more modern feel, this craft is for anyone!

Gumball Machine Fish Tank


Okay, this one may seem a little weird, but it’s a neat way to repurpose that gumball machine you had growing up (I know I had one). It creates a unique tank for your beta fish to swim in, and is perfect for a funky space.

Chalkboard Globe


Pick up an old globe at a garage sale or flea market and turn it into something adorable! You can doodle, make yourself notes or shopping lists, and it’s a perfect accent for a home office.

Rope Trivet


This cute trivet is a lovely compliment to your little teapot, hot pan, or even plant pots.

Rope Shelving

rope shelf tutorial

Again with the rope, this shelving is simple and brings a minimalist look to your space.

Wire Basket Side Table


Made from a wastebasket, I would have never guessed! It’s crazy what some spray paint and a piece of wood can do.

Kitchen Cart


Everyone could use some more storage space in their kitchen. This tiny cart is perfect for apartments and small spaces, plus it’s made from something I am pretty sure we’ve all seen or owned before.

Funky Wall Art


This is a good craft for those odds and ends that you don’t know what to do with. You can use utensils for a cute kitchen piece, or scissors for an additional decoration to your office. It’s a project that works with any decor style, just find your frame, the decorative paper you like, what object you want to display and your paint color!

Teacup Candles


These candles create an elegant, chic look from Grannie’s old china. Aren’t into that Shabby Chic look? Use funky vases, mason jars, or whatever works with your style!





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