Zodiac Signs

Cancer – The Crab

Cancer is the forth sign of the zodiac. It is from June 22nd till July 21st. It is the sign of the crab.

Like a crab, Cancers are known to be a little moody. Like the crab, they can overreact and sting you, or retreat in their shell. You never really know with a Cancer. They tend to avoid confrontation, only when their family and home is threatened, because after all, a crab does carry its home on its back…

Water is the sign of Cancer. The element of water relates to emotions, intuition, and nurturing, and Cancers are all three. Being known as a little oversensitive, this is due to their empathic and emotional qualities. Like the water, a Cancer’s mood can change in an instant, and sometimes there is a little more than what is shown on the surface.

Cancer is ruled by the moon. In astrology, the moon connects to emotions, feelings, and feminine energy. Cancers have very motherly instincts, being family oriented and very protective of their family and home life. They tend to be a little possessive of their relationships, seeking security and nurturing from a partner. They are known to be quite the romantics.

To connect to Cancer energies, here are stones that resonate this zodiac:


Moonstone – Connect to Cancer’s ruling planet, the moon, and helps balance emotions with intellect, creating emotional stability.

Ocean Jasper – Connect to the element of water, it is a stone that connects to the emotions, allowing us to feel empathy and helping strengthen our connection towards others and humanity.

Idocrase – Gently dissolves anger and fear, creating inner security. It removes negative thought patterns.

Garnet – A protective stone, it enhances survival instincts  and brings courage into seemingly hopeless situations. It provides confidence and is a stone of love, devotion, and commitment.

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